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Weekend reading for investors: 6/6/09 (Normandy edition)

Weekend reading for investors: 6/6/09 (Normandy edition) post image

Some interesting financial and investing posts I ran across this week, plus a few decent articles from the newspapers.

It shouldn’t take Saving Private Ryan to remind us of the immense debt we owe to the 1944 generation who invaded Normandy 65 years ago today, particularly when only a handful of veterans still survive.

But I saw it last night, and I was reminded anew.

Oddly I’d never seen the 1998 release before. It’s a brutal anti-war classic, whereas I expected Spielberg schmaltz. My only criticism would be it presents the war as the U.S. versus Germany – the only mention of the Brits is when Ted Danson from Cheers mutters that UK battlefield genius Monty is “over-rated”.

Perhaps French Prime Minister Nikolas Sarkozy had the film in mind when he decided not to invite the Queen to the upcoming celebrations?

Good reads from the money blogs

  • Dshort.com has an interesting interactive graph showing the four worst bear markets. The current one doesn’t seem so atypical. Perhaps all bear markets are driven lower by fear it’s the new 1929? I also like this one that dates the current bear market to 2000. So do I. Scary for short-term bulls, but as you know I’ll keep buying.

Generally UK-related articles from other websites and papers

  • The Independent‘s regular fund watch turns to emerging markets. I like the case, but would rather drip feed money in via cheap ETFs or Investment Trusts.

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  • 1 Niklas Smith June 11, 2009, 1:59 pm

    I have to agree with the sceptics over the Coppock indicator – as Buttonwood points out it has generated buy signals at bad times before: http://www.economist.com/blogs/buttonwood/2009/06/nun_but_the_brave.cfm

    As you say, there are good reasons to keep drip-feeding into the stockmarket. I just think no one should be fooled into pouring money into shares on the basis of one indicator.

  • 2 The Investor June 16, 2009, 2:37 pm

    Hi Niklas — I definitely agree that the Coppock indicator is but one signal. And I don’t think most people should be pouring money into shares on the basis of *any* indicator, but rather they should invest as part of a long-term plan which doesn’t try to time markets.

    That said, I’m seeing green shoots everywhere in the economy and am feeling — for what it’s worth — pretty bullish about the market right now on a five year view.

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