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Personal finance tools and calculators

Compare the UK’s cheapest brokers

compare-brokersDifferent platforms have their own pros and cons depending on whether you’re investing in trackers or other funds, ETFs or shares, and also how regularly you trade and how much you plan to invest. Our table collates the crucial data.

Compound interest calculator

Show someone how their money will grow over time, and I’ll show you an investor for life. This compound interest calculator has a state-of-the-art graph to keep you motivated.

The millionaire calculator

Find out what age you’ll be when you make your first million, and how much you need to save to get there. Beware the effect of inflation, which is highlighted in your results. A million doesn’t buy as much as it used to!

Mortgage repayments calculator

With super sexy graph! Find out how much your mortgage will cost you, and how much time and money you can save with small monthly overpayments in addition to your scheduled payments. Even includes radio buttons to enable you to switch to the currency of your choice. We’re nice like that.

More tools from around the Web

useful investing toolsThe Internet is chock full of fabulously useful calculators, data sets, planners, and other resources to make your investing life easier. We collate them all in one place.

Inevitable legal bit: These personal finance tools and calculators are for information only, and I take no responsibility for any decisions you make on the back of them. If you spot any bugs, please let me know.