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I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Got an idea for a feature? Have a gripe about an aspect of Monevator? Something not working in your browser? Please let me know! I may not be able to reply to every email, but I will read them all.

Note that I am definitely NOT able to give any kind of investment advice. I’m not qualified to, and I wouldn’t feel able. So please don’t ask, as refusal etc and so forth. (Instead, I’d suggest you read Smarter Investing if you are going down the sensible road of passive investing in index funds, or How to Make A Million Slowly by John Lee or The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham if you’re a naughty stock picking type.)

To save you time:

  • I do not accept unasked for guest post requests. Sorry.
  • I do not do any text link advertising. Thanks for the thought!
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