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Weekend reading: Gone fishing edition

Weekend reading: Gone fishing edition post image

Some interesting financial and investing posts I ran across this week, plus a few decent articles from the newspapers.

Dear reader, by the time you get this note, I’ll be gone.

Yes, proving Monevator really is the product of one man’s ego mind and not a corporate mouthpiece or a big media outlet, I’ve gone on holiday for a week and hung the ‘Out for Lunch’ sign on the door.

This means no new posts for seven days!

But please don’t forget to come back to Monevator, because while I’m sure I’ll have the usual “what am I doing with my life” musings when sunning myself abroad, I’ve also got lots of posts planned already.

In fact, I’ve got a few posts half-written. I’d hoped to queue them up so you’d not even notice I’d left the building but, well, as I said, this site is the genuine thing, and I’ve got a plane to catch!

Please do have a poke about in the Monevator archives – there’s tonnes of stuff in there. And do keep commenting. While I won’t be posting, I will pop into Internet cafes at least a couple of times, and once I’ve approved one of your comments, future ones go live without moderation.

Without further ado, some links from elsewhere:

From the money and investing blogs

  • Wealth Pilgrim has got rid of his landline.

Generally UK-related articles from other websites and papers

  • If you read just one article about the UK economy and government debt this year, make sure it’s this brilliant piece (complete with interactive graphs) from the Financial Times.

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  • 1 Laura @ move to portugal July 7, 2009, 8:13 am

    Have a great break and thank you for your great site. It’s such a great help 🙂

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