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Vote for Monevator (or my rival) at Free Money Finance

Update: Voting is now closed. We won and are into the second round. Thanks everyone!

I don’t usually write short posts like this, but I’m a fairly competitive sort of person and today Monevator has come up in round 15 of the Free Money Finance blogs’ ‘March Madness’ blog competition.

I’m in game 15, which you can vote in here.

You basically read my post and my rival’s post, and then ‘vote’ in the comments by using a keyword – Wish for her, or Number for me. Plus the same for game 16.

If you can spare two minutes to vote, it’d be much appreciated.

Her post (on men, women and money) is really good, so I won’t feel too bad if I lose. My post (on setting a goal of replacing your salary) is a biggie. I like it but it’s a bit of long read I suppose.

Anyway, I’ll probably delete this post tomorrow, and we need never speak of it again. (Unless I advance to round 2. 🙂 ) Here’s the link to the competition.

Update: I seem to be putting on a late spurt! If you voted, my thanks.