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Vote for Monevator (or my rival) at Free Money Finance

Update: Voting is now closed, and we’re into round 3. Thanks everyone!

Regular readers may recall that Monevator is in a financial blog competition, hosted by Free Money Finance.

Well, we made it into round 2!

Today I’m up in game 8, which you’ll find here.

To vote, you read my post and my rival’s post, and then ‘vote’ in the comments by using a keyword – Struggle for him, or Number for Monevator. Plus the same (Pursuit or Basics) for game 7.

Once again I’m up against a great family-orientated post, and again it’s a far bigger, older blog than Monevator.

But I think my post (on setting a goal of replacing your salary) is a worthy challenger! But we’ll see what the public decides.

Anyway, I’ll probably delete this post tomorrow, and we need never speak of it again. (Unless I advance to round 3. 🙂 ) Here’s the link to the competition.