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Zen of money

Hearing a few differences of opinion might be confusing in the short-term, but I believe it’s the way to long-term wisdom.


For my money Hamlet is the character from literature with the best grasp of existential reality. But for the more prosaic day-to-day truth, Mr Micawber has it nailed.


Always be alert to the different ways in which large numbers can be (mis)interpreted when trying to make sense of the world. Never forget: You’re an upgraded ape with delusions of grandeur, designed to hunt gazelles and run away from lions. You’re prone to fear and greed, you love being in with the crowd, and [...]


My Law of Crazy Big Numbers

The US is drowning in debt and is doomed? No it’s not, if you also consider it has assets. It’s just another example of my crazy law of big number distortion.


Warren Buffett’s grandfather had more common sense about cash than many investment bankers of today. Here’s some great wisdom he passed down the family.


The reason why super well-paid bankers, management consultants and the like still moan about their jobs is because they lack a purpose.


Pros and cons of being wealthy

If you’re an oligarch, a millionaire rockstar, a property tycoon or you just struck oil off the coast of Brazil – brother, I feel your pain.


That which is at rest is easy to grasp. That which has not yet come about is easy to plan for. That which is fragile is easily broken. That which is minute is easily scattered. Handle things before they arise.Manage affairs before they are in a mess. A thick tree grows from a tiny seed. [...]

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‘My dear Mr Clennam,’ returned Ferdinand, laughing, ‘have you really such a verdant hope? The next man who has as large a capacity and as genuine a taste for swindling, will succeed as well. Pardon me, but I think you really have no idea how the human bees will swarm to the beating of any [...]

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