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Weekend reading: Pervasive passive investing is becoming the reality of financial services

Weekend reading: Pervasive passive investing is becoming the reality of financial services post image

What caught my eye this week.

This website is 10-years old, and it’s amazing how much the financial landscape has changed in this time.

Was it really once exciting news when UK investors were offered an emerging market index fund? In 2010, when I wrote this post, yes. Before then you had to make do with active funds, investment trusts, or a handful of ETFs.

Today passive investing is increasingly the mainstream choice, and that is reshaping the financial industry.

Josh Brown from The Reformed Broker explained this week how this is already well advanced in the US:

The advisor clients are meeting with, in the modern era, is not promising them a way to “beat the market” or “discover hidden gems” on the Nasdaq.

Enlightened customers are not expecting their financial advisor, who works in an office complex off the side of the highway, or out of a storefront next to PF Chang’s, to be able to trade tech stocks for them and make world-trouncing macro calls in between handling required minimum distributions from their IRAs and mailing out birthday cards.

Enlightened advisors are focusing on the client’s needs and talking about what they can actually deliver – high quality, highly personalized ongoing advice and counseling.

The portfolio being proposed, and the proposal itself, are geared toward explaining why a specific allocation to a mix of asset classes is going to help the client reach their goals.

Of course the financial services industry is as slow to change as any other incumbent, which is why it puts out scare stories every few months about the risk of passive funds. Stories, which as Vanguard founder Jacke Bogle explains in this new interview below, often aren’t even based on reality let alone opinion:

It’s remarkable how much money Bogle must have saved investors over the decades – not just in terms of popularizing index funds but also how he structured Vanguard so it is effectively owned by its customers.

I sometimes wonder how much impact Monevator has made over the past ten years, based on feedback and traffic figures. Based on feedback and traffic figures, I think we’ve probably helped save investors several million pounds in fees by helping spread the news about passive investing.

But for Bogle, that figure must run to hundreds of billions of dollars.

Not a bad way to reflect back at your time in the office!

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And finally…

“In my view it’s possible to run a company both successfully and ethically. In fact, I’d go further. My own experiences in the business world suggest that an ethical approach, far from being a potential barrier to profits, is actually the secret to success.”
– Julian Richer, The Ethical Capitalist: How to Make Business Work Better for Society

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