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Weekend reading for investors: 16/5/09

Every week I read a large number of personal finance and investing articles. Here’s my latest shortcut to the best.

The market fell a little this week. Hurrah! I’m currently selling down some bits and pieces to fund this year’s tax-free ISA , and a nice drop would make my long-term money go even further.

Good reads from the money blogs

  • I don’t personally agree with the many of the investing theories of The Millionaire Mommy Next Door but this post on why she doesn’t buy and hold shares but rather trades momentum is coherent. Besides, it’s always good to test your own ideas by reading someone else’s.
  • Monevator has a reading ease score of 32 and reading grade 14. According to this interesting post, most people will find my site has too many long words and sentences. That matches my experience! I love long words. Maybe I’m just pretentious. (See?)
  • Get Rich Slowly has had a makeover. I’m jealous… 80,000 subscribers, wise writing AND a fancy logo. Sigh.

Generally UK-related articles from other websites and papers

  • The Motley Fool UK has run a profile of Jesse Livermore, the investor born in 1877 who wrote a book on share trading that is still read today.

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