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Weekend reading for investors: 11/04/09

Every week I read a large number of personal finance and investing articles. Here’s my latest weekly shortcut to the best.

Happy Easter! I’m in the country visiting my father and helping out with various strange tasks. I know I’m not the first person to be struck by the symmetry of life, and how you can end up doing things for your aged parents they did for you as a child.

On the other hand, they want me to fill in their tax return – and I’m no Warren Buffett, who filed his first tax return in short trousers. Having finally engaged an accountant to do the dreaded thing for my own affairs, this irony isn’t lost on me!

I’ve still managed to watch snippets of the ongoing Is-It-Or-Isn’t-It-? rally, and kept up with my favourite blogs and other financial resources.

Good reads from the financial blogosphere

  • Oblivious Investor has written a book about winning by ignoring noise.
  • The Psy-Fi blog is new to me, and well worth reading for thoughtful articles on investing from a psychological point of view.
  • Here’s a list of 125 money bloggers you can follow on Twitter from Bible Money Matters. Please do follow my Twitter feed – @monevator – if you’re on the service.

Generally UK-related articles from other websites and papers

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