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Weekend reading: David Swensen interview edition

Weekend reading: David Swensen interview edition post image

Alas I didn’t personally interview the legendary David Swensen, creator of the Yale portfolio model. Monevator is a small fish in the big, shark-infested ocean of the financial media!

Rather Mike over at Oblivious Investor spotted these WealthTrack video interviews with Swensen on YouTube.

The interviews give an up-to-date insight into Swensen’s thinking, and are far less frenetic than the “future of the world in two seconds!” soundbites you get on CNBC.

Here are the two videos for the investing geeks among you, followed by my usual Saturday links:

This week’s money blog post round-up

  • Fellow money blogger Lazy Man and Money almost died choking on a pizza crust, and can still write a wry post on the subject. Get well-adjusted soon Lazy Man!
  • The Digerati Life is cautious about the stock market rally.
  • Free Money Finance rails against robotic responses from store staff. (I think this is perhaps a more American response to poor customer service. We Brits are generally happier not to be noticed from the moment we enter to leaving. No wonder self-scan checkouts are taking off here!)

A few mainly UK-focused articles from the big boys

  • The Motley Fool UK is running a fun summer quiz. The winner gets its share newsletter free for a year. Enter by August 7th.
  • Investment manager Ben Yearsley of Hargreaves Landsdown reveals what he is holding to The Independent.

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