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Phil Carret: Another great old investor

Phil Carret

I have wondered before whether great investors live longer.

My question is based on the unscientific observation that Warren Buffett, John Templeton and many other famous money managers live well into their free bus pass years (even if they could actually afford to buy the whole bus fleet by then!)

Now I’ve found a video of an interview with another lucid and super-senior money man, Phil Carret.

Carret is a new name to me. According to the Phil Carret Wikipedia entry, Phil was the founder of one of America’s first mutual funds, and a role model for Warren Buffett. He lived to 102.

Before we get to the venerable Carret, the video features a quick chat with a shockingly young Peter Lynch, which makes for a nice contrast in ages.

Read my original post on great, long-lived investors for some ideas on why we see so many rich old investors.

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