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Macquarie banker caught admiring Miranda Kerr on live TV

Banker watches Miranda Kerr video at work

I feel a bit sorry for this banker – especially as the reliably-hypocritical Daily Mail is already spreading the story – but the video is funny.

An employee of Macquarie Bank in Sydney found Australia’s non-interest rate hike earlier this week even less interesting than you or I. Presumably bored of recalculating his annual bonus in Excel for kicks, he instead turned to a photoshoot of model Miranda Kerr in GQ.

Miranda isn’t wearing a great deal of clothing.

Everyday life for a banker – maybe even for a financial blogger – but most of us have a gut instinct to avoid doing it while one of our banker chums is being interviewed behind us on live TV.

(Watch top left!)

The poor bloke. As recently as 2007 a banker could reliably snort cocaine off a naked midget at a party attended exclusive by Transylvanian call girls, yet he’ll probably get strung up for this.

Let’s hope Miss Kerr was watching, and something beautiful comes out of it. (Or at least something that leaves him a less frustrated… banker).

(Source: Fairly Interesting)

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