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Weekend reading for investors: 2/05/09

Every week I read a large number of personal finance and investing articles. Here’s my latest weekly shortcut to the best.

Before we get on to the links, I’d like to mention that Mike from Oblivious Investor has just announced his book is now on sale.

Entitled Oblivious Investing: Building Wealth by Ignoring the Noise (US link only), his book is about “ignoring the sensationalized, short-term financial news and focusing instead on the few things that actually determine long-term investing success.”

Mike’s blog is great – I link to it every week – and even though I do things he’d disapprove (of such as investing in single company stocks, and speculating about bull and bear markets) he’s been kind enough to highlight some of my more Oblivious Investor-friendly messages on Monevator, too.

I haven’t read the book yet, but if it’s anything like his pithy pronouncements on his blog, I’m sure it’ll prove a winner.

Right, on to this week’s links!

Good reads from the financial blogosphere

  • Maul Maunders posted a compelling graph linking UK unemployment and house prices. With unemployment predicted to reach 10% by 2010, house prices will keep falling.
  • Moolanomy is creating a new financial success plan as a way of helping readers find the good stuff on his site. (I should spend a weekend doing this!)
  • Laid off in the financial crisis and missing the company gym? Taking a different tack this week, Amateur Asset Allocator explains how to build a gym at home for less than the cost of private membership.
  • Lost your job? Squawk Fox has a huge series with examples on writing a good resume (or C.V., as we call resumes here in the old world…)

Generally UK-related articles from other websites and papers

  • The FT also says advisers still like Gilts. I still far prefer equities over anything but the short-term, even if the government bond bubble I identified in December has now partially burst. (When Gilt yields rise above 5% again, I’ll take some notice).
  • Someone who agrees with me is well-regarded fund manager William Littlewood, who has just come back with the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund. This write up in the Independent gives an interesting insight into his views, and points out the fund has a flat charge of 1.5% and no performance fees.
  • Want to set up an Investment Club ahead of the next bull market? Listen to this Motley Fool podcast for some top tips.

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