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Financial journalists were just about the only winners in 2008. Whether it be Robert Peston on the BBC, the bookworms of The Economist, or the gorgeous anchor babes on CNBC, business reporters have had more front pages than Madonna. Now they’re squeezing every drop from 2008 with their end-of-year roundups. No time to read them [...]


Money can’t buy me love

What follows is a personal post, but I believe it’s relevant to investing. I won’t be discussing underpriced stocks or earning more money. Instead I’ll share something that for me puts the business of personal finance into perspective. Call it an end of year message. I’m visiting my parents. In the next room, my gentle and intelligent [...]


Small cap stocks can increase your portfolio returns, but they’re also more risky investments than large caps. In this post I’ll outline the six key advantages of investing in small caps versus bigger companies, and I’ll also point out some of the extra risks. Advantage #1: Smaller companies are less well researched An army of [...]


There are more than 6,500 actively traded US stocks. Some 2,000 companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange. 2,271 Japanese companies call the Tokyo Stock exchange home. Then there’s China, India, Canada, Germany, Australia… Happily, you can forget about companies, earnings, forecasts and ratios and still make more money than most investors. By passively [...]