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Weekend reading for investors: 14/3/09

Every week I read a large number of personal finance and investing articles. Here’s my latest weekly shortcut to the best.

I’m away suffering through a stag weekend today, so this selection of personal finance articles from the blogosphere doesn’t cover anything published after Thursday.

By the magic of Internet publishing though, you’re still receiving the update on Saturday morning!

I can’t read advance copies of the weekend papers, so nothing from the FT or Independent weekend money sections this week.

There’s a good bullish video from Anthony Bolton over at the FT instead. I think he must read Monevator.

Some good reads from the financial blogosphere

  • The Digerati Life outlines Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps program, which might be useful if you’re yet to amass a sufficient chunk of capital to lose half of it in the worst bear market for generations. (Bitter? Moi? No, just playing for laughs).

A few good articles from other websites and papers

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