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Weekend reading: Oops, bonds did it again

What caught my eye this week.

The 10-year UK government bond yield has fallen back to barely 1%. [1] Indeed yields are down again everywhere [2], as Bloomberg reports:

Bond yields around the world are tumbling to multi-year lows as the global shift by central banks to a more accommodative stance has put the kibosh on the oft-predicted but still-unrealized end of the long bull run in government debt.

Among the superlatives hit this week:

– Japan’s 10-year yield slid to its lowest since 2016 on Friday
– New Zealand’s equivalent slipped below 2 percent for the first time earlier in the day
– Yields on benchmark Treasuries have dropped this week to the lowest in more than a year
– Those in Australia are just three basis points from a record low
– The global stock of negative-yielding debt hit the highest since mid-2017

A quick way to be called a moron by people who know more than they understand over the past 5-10 years has been to suggest that bonds still have a place [3] in most portfolios. A wealth-destroying crash was “obviously” imminent, you see.

But markets often move in the way that surprises commonplace assumptions, and that’s certainly been true of bonds.


(Click to enlarge)

Source: Bloomberg [5]

This low yield era almost certainly won’t last forever. However a bit of humility is in order from all of us (including me [6]!) about the timing of any long-lasting reversal.

Of course this is exactly why most people are best off investing passively [7] and getting on with other things in life. (If you want to try to outsmart the unthinkable, there’s always Brexit.)

Have a great weekend! (Hope to see some of you on the march [8]. 🙂 )

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