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Weekend reading: The end of open outcry

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You might find it strange to read on Monevator a slight sniffle on news [1] that the CME Group in Chicago is going to close most of its futures trading pits.

After all, shouting incomprehensible phrases while pushing and shoving and sticking two fingers up at the person next to you is the stuff of a Saturday night out in Blighty, not the kind of sober-minded investing we espouse around here.

But in truth I’ve long been attracted to the romance of the markets. I admit that unlike my die hard passive investing [2] co-blogger, I’m partly an active investor [3] for that reason.

I mean, one of my favourite investing books is Reminiscences of a Stock Operator [4], an old classic which The Accumulator would probably round up and burn if he was ever made Chancellor.

(Of course I’m well aware of the downsides [5] of excitement in investing, too…)

Buy buy buy! Sell sell sell!

Doesn’t everyone love this scene in trading places?

Here’s a few eloquent words [6] from somebody who knew the trading pits (which incidentally disappeared from London with the financial Big Bang back in 1986):

The floor was the place for dreamers.  It was the place for entrepreneurs, because that’s what independent traders really were.  It was a place where a guy that never graduated from high school but had his wits about him, and a high appetite for risk could make a living.  Some even got rich.

The floor was a place for everyone and anyone.  It was like America, democratic.  All walks of life.  All you needed was enough money to rent a seat and you were a trader.  No special qualification or certification. No degree.  Sure, there were cliques.  It was clubby.  Not everyone was ethical.  Not everyone liked everyone else.  There were fights.  But, the floor reminds me of startup companies today.

The floor was a constant vaudeville show.  Colorful.  Frenzied.  Loud.  Smelly.  Smoky.  It was on the run entertainment from 5AM to 4PM. Every day. Tourists would come like the zoo, stand behind thick panes of glass and point at the animals.

The floor was an economic engine that built all of the cultural institutions in Chicago.  All of them.  They have roots in the floor.  The banks that line LaSalle Street are here for one reason.  Chicago would be nothing without its exchanges.  Fortunately we made the right choices in the late 1990’s and Chicago still has its exchanges.  The city and state would be in even worse shape without them.

But maybe most of all, the floor was about hope.  It was a place where you could realize some of your wildest dreams.  You could go from electrician, cop, milk man, farmer, military, to wealthy trader.

You and I know that sensible investing for your retirement is about rebalancing a portfolio [7] of index tracking funds.

But nobody is ever going to make a movie about that.

Have a good weekend!

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