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Weekend reading: Savers appeal to the opposite sex

What caught my eye this week.

Academic research has confirmed what we obsessive savers already suspected – that we’re pretty damn attractive to the opposite sex.

As Jonathan Clements at The Humble Dollar [1] reports:

Savers, both men and women, were viewed as more desirable romantic partners, because they’re perceived to have greater self-control.

In truth, it isn’t clear that good savings habits and greater overall self-control really are connected.

But because good savers are viewed that way, they’re seen as less likely to, say, lose their temper, drink too much, or be unfaithful.

It brings new meaning to the phrase “interest rate”, eh?

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And finally…

“Remember, retirement planning for average life expectancy is quite risky – half the population outlives their expectancy.”
– Wade Pfau, How much can I spend in retirement? [47]

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