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Weekend reading: What is your reason for being?

What caught my eye this week.

There are some things you have to experience to fully understand. Losing your virginity is famously touted as one. Parents say bringing up a child is another. I haven’t had that pleasure and I am more than happy to take their word for it.

One I would add to the list though is reaching what I suppose we must call ‘middle age’ (excuse me while I pop off to shout into a pillow… okay, back now, that’s better) and looking back at the various ways your life to-date has fallen short of what might have been.

Sometimes you didn’t realize why at the time. Perhaps you were being paid a fair whack not to think about it. Occasionally you were having a blast. Sometimes you had an inkling. Sometimes you couldn’t pay the rent so it was pretty obvious.

Maybe the Japanese explain it best with this phrase and associated image, as shared by Rachel page on Twitter [1]:


Looking at this diagram, I feel like I’ve lurked in the outer suburbs for most of my life, like some frustrated Home Counties adolescent poet – certainly not on the isolated fringes, so comfortable enough, but never in the thick of everything and completely fulfilled.

If I have achieved Ikigai then it was only fleetingly, and I’m not sure I noticed in the moment.

Many seekers after financial freedom, such as my co-blogger, don’t seem to believe they can ever achieve Ikigai through work, so they best opt-out ASAP. I’ve said many times I believe there’s a risk of swapping one dissatisfaction for another by bailing out entirely – not to mention the pain of getting there – but plenty disagree.

I like this diagram because it suggests a wonderful balance is possible. But I’d agree that like a Zen koan it’s probably more something to be than achieved by most of us.

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And finally…

“[Rural Indian] women who recently got cable TV were significantly less willing to tolerate wife-beating, less likely to admit to having a son preference, and more likely to exercise personal autonomy. TV somehow seemed to be empowering women in a way that government interventions had not.”
– Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner, Superfreakonomics [46]

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