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Weekend reading: Weirdly busy August edition

What caught my eye this week.

For various reasons (none of them unpleasant) I’m having a bit of a busy time of it at the moment.

Hence we’ll crack straight into the links this week.

Cheers for checking in, and have a great weekend!

From Monevator

Eek! Like I said, it was a mad busy week… – Nothing new on Monevator. The horror!

From the archive-ator: Investing lessons from a card-based strategy game – Monevator [1]


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Watchdog says you can move your final salary pension, even if advised not to – Telegraph [3]

Investing in alternative strategies is out of favour – Investment News [4]

Barking dogs and CCTV the best deterrent, ex-burglars tell Co-Op – Guardian [5]

Tax-dodging landlords find the net is closing in [Search result]FT [6]

One of the world’s few lucrative black boxes loaded up on Trump election – Bloomberg [7]

West Sussex named the best place in UK to retire to – ThisIsMoney [8]

Surprise! European junk bonds have been the best performing asset since the financial crisis erupted in 2007 – Bloomberg [9]

Products and services

Best student bank accounts for 2017’s freshers – ThisIsMoney [10]

Where to find inflation-beating cash savings accounts [Search result]FT [11]

The pros and cons of buying a Beckham-style nature swimming pond – ThisIsMoney [12]

NS&I’s first Junior ISA pays 2%, but there are better options out there – ThisIsMoney [13]

You can get a £50 bonus if you invest £1,000 with RateSetter for a year – RateSetter [14]

Comment and opinion

Worried about the markets? Some crisp thinking about risk – Humble Dollar [15]

Seven strategies for investing at market peaks – Ben Carlson [16]

Invert. Always invert – Above the Market [17]

Business vs investing, with Jason Zweig and Morgan Housel [Podcast]T.I.F.G. [18]

From zero to wealth in two years with AirBnb – Mr Money Mustache [19]

An annual rebalancing Excel calculator – Retirement Investing Today [20]

Worrying about risk can be very risky – A Teachable Moment [21]

Are index funds too soft on CEOs? – Morningstar [22]

Amazon: Is this the end for old-school retailers? – The Value Perspective [23]

Do dividend stock funds belong in your portfolio? – Oblivious Investor [24]

War: Time to buy or sell? – Fire V London [25]

Willfully ignorant about pensions – SexHealthMoneyDeath [26]

Save money on car insurance – The Escape Artist [27]

A deep dive into the US corporate bond market, for the curious – Gordian Advisors [28]

Your bond fund could be riskier than it looks – Morningstar [29]

The rate of return on everything: 1870-2015 [Research, PDF]NBER [30]

[Riffing on above] Housing for the long run? [Search result]FT [31]

Off our beat

Get fit with accountability – Early Retirement Guy [32]

“Ten years after the crash, there’s barely suppressed civil war in Britain”Guardian [33]

“I’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I wasn’t confused by it.” – Tina Fey [34]

And finally…

“Today, in our society, in economics, and in finance, we place far too much trust in numbers. Numbers are not reality . At best, they are a pale reflection of reality. At worst, they’re a gross distortion of the truths we seek to measure.”
– John Bogle, Enough [35]

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