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Weekend Reading: Throwing another leg of lamb on the barbie

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Thanks for the amazing response to The Accumulator’s call [1] on Tuesday for your thoughts on the future of pensions in light of the Government’s new consultation.

So far over 60 of you have written really constructive comments [2]. I’d suggest the whole thread is worth a read if you’ve only read the article so far.

If you’re a glutton for pension punishment, a couple of other UK bloggers have also taken up the consultation theme, including DIY Investor (UK) [3] and ermine at Simple Living in Suffolk [4].

As for me, I’m off to start cooking this afternoon’s barbeque.

Yes, before 10am!

I have a whole leg of lamb that I am going to try smoking and slow roasting for 3-4 hours.

The truth is I’m a bit daunted.

While I’m already far from a LIDL bargain burger BBQ-er, this is the first time I’ve ever attempted something so meaty – and in particular boney – on a barbeque.

I love my fancy Weber Kettle BBQ [5], which has cooked me out of some tough spots over the years – but this will be its toughest challenge yet.

So have a great weekend, and if you don’t hear from me next week I guess blame it on the E. coli!

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Product of the week: Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s suggestion that rates might finally start to rise at the turn of the year knocked housebuilders’ share prices and sent some people rushing to fix their mortgages. Hopefully cash deposit rates might finally start edging up, too. Just this week Halifax [20] and Virgin Money [21] launched two-year ISAs paying 2%, which already make them table-toppers in that category.

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Book of the week: The article on big oil by The Value Perspective in the links above suggested Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air [37] for further reading into where humanity goes for its energy in the future. Written by David MacKay – the Regus Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge – it can apparently be downloaded for free as a PDF from a dedicated website [38] but the link is not working for me this morning. In contrast, Amazon [37] never sleeps!

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