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Weekend reading: Don’t mess with pensions. They’re working.

What caught my eye this week.

Ten million UK workers will increase their pension contributions from today, which should mean a more prosperous retirement for them down the line.

No, Monevator didn’t just benefit from a promotion from Oprah Winfrey or Richard & Judy that delivered us few million extra readers overnight.

In fact many of those millions who are about to spend less and save more are probably only vaguely aware of the fact. That’s the genius of the pension auto-enrollment scheme – started in 2012, and the true reason for the imminent extra saving.

Auto-enrollment makes it easier to do the right thing by doing nothing. So far the opt-out rate is a mere 9%. Still, I think it’s fair to say the higher contribution rates are needed – and they need to stick – to deliver these workers the retirement income they’ll expect.

This could yet be a challenge. The new contribution rates may look measly to some super-savers around here. But they will take a meaningful chunk of change out of pay packets, as this graphic from the BBC [1] illustrates:


Higher personal tax allowances – also starting today – will ease the pain. Head over to the BBC [1] for the full story.

Pensions and property

Even the invariably spiky Merryn Somerset-Webb in the FT [3] hails the success of auto-enrollment, and describes UK pensions as in “fabulous shape”.

The UK pension system is well-funded by international standards, and auto-enrollment means our level of pension assets is increasing faster than elsewhere.

There’s just one potential snag, Merryn warns, which is that some wonks believe pension savings should be accessible to young people in need of a house deposit.

No no no!

A pension is a backstop. It comes with tax relief for the very specific reason that it is designed to stop you being reliant on the state in your retirement.

Once the money is in it is in, you can’t lose it gambling or in bankruptcy; you can’t create negative equity with it; and you can’t fritter it way on the internet (not until you are 55, anyway).

Enabling pension access to pump up the housing market might seem a good way to address housing inequality, Merryn scoffs, but it would destroy the integrity of the pensions system.

I agree. Lifetime ISAs [4] are mutant hybrid enough!

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And finally…

“The world of work today is overflowing with systems, processes, tools, and assumptions that are deeply flawed and that push directly against our ability to express what is unique about each of us in the work we do every day.”
– Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall, Nine Lies About Work [55]

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