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Weekend reading: Amazed at Amazon

What caught my eye this week.

People seem very confused about Amazon [1]. This week I heard some market pundits chortling among themselves about how crazy high the valuation was for a company that “doesn’t make any money.”

Ho ho ho! In fact they only stopped laughing to say Amazon really must be regulated because it’s grown so vast and so powerful that it’s becoming a monopoly.

Um, hang on a minute…?

The company hasn’t raised external capital for decades and supposedly doesn’t make any money – yet it’s still managed to grow so big that it ought to be regulated away or even broken up?

And the company is obviously over-valued, except it’s also a monopoly that crushes all competition and only governments can stop it? (What price would you put on that sort of market dominance?)

I’m an Amazon shareholder, and have been for years. If you know of any other ‘obviously over-valued’ $700bn companies that grew that way in barely 20 years and that are so laughably bad at making money that ardent capitalists are calling for changes to the competition laws in the US to enable regulatory intervention, please do shout – I might like to invest in those, too.

Consumers seem similarly confused.

I know people who say they boycott Amazon because “it doesn’t pay any taxes”.

Firstly, why should it if it “doesn’t make any money”?

Secondly, Amazon – and the general shift to online sales – has helped keep a lid on inflation since the 1990s, and has crushed the cost of almost everything tangible, everywhere.

Why are people who are disdainful of city fund managers taking a 0.5% fee managing money so nostalgic about High Street giants where the business model might be to mark up tat up by 100% or more?

People are funny.

Our disposable incomes stretch far further these days, partly due to the relentless deflationary impact of online retail. I wouldn’t be surprised if the typical UK household is several thousand pounds a year better off compared to if the Internet had somehow never been invented.

Do you think you’d get thousands of pounds a year of extra value in your life if Amazon paid more taxes?

I have my doubts. I’d rather have the pounds in my pocket.

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And finally…

“If you get good returns in the first decade of retirement, you’re unlikely to run out of money, as long as you use a sensible withdrawal rate. If you get poor or even mediocre returns in the first decade of retirement, then technically speaking, you’re buggered!”
– Abraham Okusanya, Beyond the 4% Rule [44]

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