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Weekend reading: If the market is getting dumber, active managers must be morons*

What caught my eye this week.

How is it September already? Once again spring teased us with a heatwave, summer soaked us, and autumn is sneaking up with an existential crisis.

Some things never change, however, such as passive investing guru Larry Swedroe’s ability to take apart criticism of indexing strategies with the precision of the EU’s Michael Barnier taking apart [1] the delusional New Victorians we’ve sent to Brussels to peddle Brexit for us.

But we did that last week, so instead let’s enjoy a quote [2] from Swedroe on the idea (pretty much fabricated in a fund management marketing department brainstorm, as best I can tell) that markets are becoming inefficient as a result of passive investing:

50 years ago, there was a small fraction of the number of mutual funds we have today, and the hedge fund industry was in its infancy. On top of that, individuals dominated the market, because the majority of stocks were held directly by investors in brokerage accounts.

The research shows that retail money is “dumb” – active managers exploit its pricing errors. But even back then, the evidence was that on a risk-adjusted basis, in aggregate, mutual funds underperformed – though not anywhere close to as poorly as they are doing today.

For example, about 20 years ago, roughly 20% of active managers were generating statistically significant alpha.

As noted above, the figure today is just 2%, with no evidence the trend is reversing.

Just 2%! Where are the active managers skipping around picking up the golden apples that passive investors are scattering across the ground?

Nowhere, that’s where. Active investing must always be a zero sum game [3], but if the market is really getting stupid then more than 2% should be profiting from it. They’re not.

I love stock picking [4], but I wouldn’t pay anyone to do it for me. If I am going to pay over the odds for something I can do for myself, I want to know I’ll get superior results.

Sushi chef? Foot masseuse? Belly dancer? I’ll happily shower money on them.

Almost-certain market-lagging fund manager? Not so much.

*To be clear, active managers are not morons. They’re invariably extremely clever, and I’ve enjoyed the company of every manager I’ve met. The answer to the riddle is rather that the market has NOT got any dumber due to passive money. It may never.

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And finally…

“Active managers charge relatively high fees for the ‘promise’ of alpha. If their outperformance can be explained by exposure to one or more factors – also often referred to as beta, or loading, on the factor – there was no actual outperformance, or alpha, on a risk-adjusted basis. If that is the case, the high fees charged by active managers can no longer be justified.”
– Larry Swedroe & Andrew Berkin, The Incredible Shrinking Alpha [39]

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