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Weekend reading: Higher bond yields trump lower bond prices, eventually

What caught my eye this week.

I answer comments on old posts every day on Monevator. A great many ask whether investors should still own bonds, given rates are “sure” to rise – and hence bond prices fall.

In the UK it’s still mostly an academic question. But US yields have been going up fairly swiftly. The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates, and there are more signs of higher inflation in the US, too. Bond prices have fallen as a result.

My reply is usually some mix of the following:

That last point is the hardest for people to accept. We’re so conditioned to obsess over the level of the stock market, for example, it’s easy to miss the importance of reinvesting and compounding returns. The same is true with bonds.

This week Sellwood Consulting [4] wrote a very clear post explaining why bond investors shouldn’t fear rising rates. It is about US bonds, but the same logic holds true in the UK.

If you own bonds and yields rise, the value of your bond holdings will indeed fall. But thereafter you can look forward to a higher yield, and over time reinvesting this in now cheaper bonds can be more valuable.

Don’t hold too much in bonds, though. Not because they are super-risky – but because they’re not!

If you’re a long-term investor, being overly cautious can see you miss out on much higher returns. Michael Batnick explains why in his Irrelevant Investor [5] blog this week.

Happy reading!

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And finally…

“The next bear market is sure to test the resolve of existing shareholders, but it will also – just as certainly – provide an opportunity for savvy trust connoisseurs to pick up bargains as trust discounts widen once more. For the forearmed investor, a crisis is an opportunity, not just a threat.”
– Jonathan Davis, Investment Trust Handbook 2018 (FREE on Kindle [40], saving £24.99!)

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