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Weekend reading: Buy-to-let market showing signs of retreat

What caught my eye this week.

When former Chancellor George Osborne announced he was raising stamp duty and reducing tax relief on mortgage interest for landlords, there was some scoffing.

“We’ll just raise rents!” the less sensitive cried. “Generation Rent can pay our taxes!” 

Well it turns out that riding one of the greatest asset price booms the UK has ever known doesn’t make you an economic wizard. Rents are falling [1] across much of the UK. Now there are signs some landlords are selling up.

A graph in today’s Financial Times [2] [search result] shows that:

“… growth in outstanding buy-to-let mortgages is failing to keep pace with new mortgages being granted, in a reversal of the broad relationship between the two over the past decade.

This strongly suggests some buy-to-let mortgages are being redeemed as investors sell rental properties.”

Here’s the graph:

Graph that suggests landlords are beginning to cash out of buy-to-let sector.

Source: FT/Savills

I can add my own anecdotal observations to what this graph seems to be suggesting. One of the several reasons why articles on Monevator have been a bit thin on the ground recently is – wait for it old-timers – I’ve been looking to buy a property!

(What’s that? Oh yes, I agree. If there was ever a sign the bubble is about to burst, the last bear [3] in town turning is surely it. Expect a long post on why I’m embarking on such madness in due course.)

I can confirm landlords are thin on the ground right now. One agent told me that in the area of London where I’m looking, 50% of sales used to go to landlords! Now they’re lesser spotted.

This is good news for first-time buyers, who have struggled for a decade to cope with the landlords’ trifecta of interest-only mortgages, tax relief, and deeper cash reserves.

I’m not someone who thinks landlords are evil (far from it – and mine have all been great) nor that there is no case for tax relief, say.

But I do think owner-occupiers should come first on our property-starved island.

On balance then, I am all for the changes to the attractiveness of buy-to-let, and the impact they seem to be having. Prices will probably stall or fall as the effect of higher taxes kick-in, and the economics of land-lording will be reset at a lower level.

Property has been a great windfall for the forty-plus demographic, but I suspect it’s time to look for new opportunities.


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