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Weekend reading: You are not average

What caught my eye this week.

You really ought to read You Are Not A Monte Carlo Simulation [1], an excellent post over at the Flirting With Models blog.

The article tackles a subject a lot of us struggle with – the mathematics behind the distribution of returns that mean the same investment can have a positive expected growth rate and yet wipe out most people who put money into it.

Sounds complicated, right? Fear not, the article makes it all pretty simple. (Not least thanks to some super crisp graphs that made me nostalgic for my Investing for Beginners [2] series.)

As the author, Corey Hoffstein, notes:

Under the context of multi-period compounding results, “risk aversion” is not so foolish.

If we have our arm mauled off by a lion on the African veldt, we cannot simply “average” our experience with others in the tribe and end up with 97% of an arm.

We cannot “average” our experience across the infinite universes of other potential outcomes where we were not necessarily mauled. Rather, our state is permanently altered for life.

Don’t get mauled by a misunderstanding!

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And finally…

“Stocks are the things to own over time. Productivity will increase and stocks will increase with it. There are only a few things you can do wrong. One is to buy or sell at the wrong time. Paying high fees is the other way to get killed. The best way to avoid both of these is to buy a low-cost index fund, and buy it over time.”
– Warren Buffett, The Snowball [41]

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