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Weekend reading: The Zeitgeist Investor

Some good reading from around the web.

For many years now I’ve been reading and linking to The Psy-fi Blog. It’s not only one of the UK’s best financial websites – it also offers as revealing a take on behavioural investing as you’ll find anywhere on the Web.

The author, Tim Richards, is an excellent writer, but his subject matter means the blog is not always an easy read. Sometimes I’ve wondered – in-between bursts of thinking “blimey, this bloke is smart!” – that it might be a bit much suggesting readers try to digest reflexivity or agency problems after breakfast on a Saturday morning.

But noticing the odd known Monevator reader popping up in the comments has reassured me that some of you like your financial eggs not overly easy.

My other consistent thought has been “this guy should write a book!”

And now he has.

Like his blog, The Zeitgeist Investor: Unlocking The Mind of the Market [1] isn’t kitted out like your conventional personal finance or investing book. There’s no chapter headings on skipping lattes or on picking passive funds over active funds.

Instead we’ve got:

1.         Forward
2.         Markets Are Adaptive, People Are Reflexive
3.         Anchored in the Wonder Years
4.         Irving Fisher’s Big, Bad Call
5.         The Ross-Goobey Moment
6.         Emotional Tulip Trading
7.         Volatility at Work
8.         A Personal Margin of Safety
9.         Are You Satisificed?
10.       Investing by Jerks
11.       A Twenty-First Century Bubble
12.       Free Will and Model Risk
13.       The Zeitgeist Commandments

Intrigued? It will only cost [1] you £3.99 to satisfy your curiousity.

Head over to Amazon [1] to check it out.

From the money and investing blogs

Book of the week: It has to be The Zeitgeist Investor [1], of course!

Mainstream media money

Product of the week: The Guardian has an in-depth article [24] outlining the pros and cons of Castle Trust [25]‘s new UK property investments, dubbed HouSAs. Sounds immediately dodgy, but it’s backed by J.C. Flowers, the massive US private equity company. The HouSAs dovetail with its so-called ‘Partnership Mortgages’ where you can buy a bigger house in return for giving up a lot of the upside, which are available from October 1st.

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