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Weekend reading: The one mistake you can’t afford to make

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I enjoyed the rundown by the anonymous author of Retirement Investing Today of all the things he got wrong when he first planned his journey towards financial independence.

From his (underestimated) capacity to save to (overestimated) annual charges, the first Excel spreadsheet he produced was full of errors.

Don’t you love it when people admit their mistakes? Their credibility instantly soars in my eyes.

Anyway, there’s one landmine that RIT sidestepped, and that has made all the difference.

In his words [1]:

Looking back I made a lot of errors in those early 2007 days.

With so many errors did I actually get anything right, I hear you ask?

Given I’m less than a year from financial independence as I write this post, I think I got one thing very right.

I started.

Bravo, RIT.

And happy Easter everyone.

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Product of the week: The tax-free Rent A Room allowance rises to £7,500 from April. Experts in the Financial Times [18] [search result] say that’s increasing the appeal of Rent A Room mortgages, such as the one offered by Bath Building Society [19].

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Book of the week: As the Governor of the Bank of England during the financial crisis, Meryvn King would have an interesting story to tell. However from the interviews I’ve seen with him over the past few days, I’m not sure what to expect from his new book, The End of Alchemy [39]. As best I can tell from his gnomic mutterings, the two-handed former Governor is another adherent of Saint Augustine, seeking “higher interest rates, but not yet”. Well, join the club. Still, King is undoubtedly super-smart, and I suspect his book is a far better read than his press tour has let on. If you’ve already had a crack at it, please do share a review below!

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