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Weekend reading: The blogger bringing sexy back (as well as health, money, and death)

What caught my eye this week.

Long-time lurkers around these parts may remember the cult FIRE [1] blog Sex Health Money Death.

That’s ‘cult’ as in the author carved out a niche for himself, you understand, not in that he carved anyone up for unsavoury ends…

Indeed Sex Health Money Death was the first early retirement blog I can ever remember conceding that quitting work to aimlessly kick about the house all day in your early 50s might not quite live up to the marketing hype.

Laconic posts about lonely trips to the gym and banter-less hours stretching out every afternoon were typical of this unique voice in blogging. Fans even looked past the fact that there was never any sex – a classic bait-and-switch.

Alas Sex Health Money Death eventually chucked in both the blog and retirement, and went back to work.

But now he’s back! His first recap [2] reports that:

I certainly didn’t want to moan about retirement in a blog, but maybe I could share some of the challenges and what positive things I have found to come from them.

Off the top of my head, in the last year I’ve learned loads about pensions and developed a hard-won withdrawal strategy that I’m finally comfortable with; I’m way fitter than I’ve ever been; I’ve massively expanded my cooking repertoire; I’ve discovered Youtube DIY videos and saved hundreds of pounds in repair costs; I’ve learned a bit about gardening; I’ve read more books than I ever have; I’ve worked hard to increase my social circle; in any given week I average 15,000 steps a day, double what I used to do when working; I make time for audiobooks and podcasts; my golf handicap….nah, you don’t want to know about that. 

In short, a good retirement takes effort, as does a good blog and a healthy sex life. Although on reflection perhaps I’d rather hear about that golf handicap first.

Welcome back SHMD! And have a good weekend everyone.

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And finally…

“In general, it is easier to make money owning businesses with strong franchises than ones with weak franchises.”
– Anthony Bolton, Investing [63]Against the Tide

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