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Weekend reading: Portfolio income tabulated by Under The Money Tree

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The past few years have seen many British investing blogs come and go. I’ve always tried to send a few readers to the more promising ones, but only a handful ever made it to their one-year anniversary.

One recent arrival that I hope goes the distance is Under The Money Tree [1].

Written by a mid-30s finance professional who wants to escape the City while he’s still young enough to laugh at those cooped-up there, Under the Money Tree only posts weekly, but like Monevator his posts are longer, and his writing is of a high quality

This week’s article is on how much income your portfolio will produce [2]. It takes this well-worn theme for a new spin with some handy tables that let you easily see how much capital you’ll need to fund your idea of a lavish (or otherwise) retirement.

I also like his idea of working out how much capital you’ll need in order to generate sufficient income to pay for specific expenses, post-retirement:

Of course such a table shouldn’t be taken as gospel. It’s more a motivational tool than something to carve into the brickwork above your PC.

I’m young enough to have paid bills before mobiles and broadband were invented, and I’m sure there will be other currently unimaginable bills that will need to paid when I retire. (The weekly delivery of special material for my domestic 3D printer, perhaps?)

Other bills may go away. Car insurance could plummet in an era of self-driving cars, for instance.

Go check out the full post [2], and leave a comment if you’d like to encourage Under The Money Tree to keep up the good work!

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Product of the week: An interest rate of just 1.35% is enough to make Tesco’s easy access Internet Saver account a table-topper, says ThisIsMoney [17]. But beware the 0.6% bonus component that ends after a year.

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Book of the week: Financial pundit Josh Brown has a book out about his rival pundits, Clash of the Financial Pundits [31]. I suspect it’s well worth a read, given Brown’s always-funny aura of jaded and bemused.

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  1. Reader Ken notes that: “FT articles can only be accessed through the search results if you’re using PC/desktop view (from mobile/tablet view they bring up the firewall/subscription page). To circumvent, switch your mobile browser to use the desktop view. On Chrome for Android: press the menu button followed by “Request Desktop Site”.” [ [36]]