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Weekend reading: Moving (and) markets edition

Fear not friends, and back to the drawing board foes. I’m alive and well. Thanks for the several notes of concern.

A few readers mused whether the – ahem – tumult of the past few days had sent me into exile?

Had my 100% all-in bet on a low volatility ETF blown up, taking my wealth and credibility with it?

Alas, no cigars. It takes much more than a 5% swing in my portfolio to send me packing. Besides, this is too much fun.

All week I mentally drafted and redrafted a post about the fascinating return of market volatility in the past 10 days.

Unfortunately though I first had no time to write it, and now I’ve no Internet. More on why below.

It’s probably just as well. Whenever the stock market makes the mainstream news, there are worse rules of thumb for long-term investors than to turn that news off.

Watch the rugby instead! I found this past week or so invigorating, but I’m a fanatic. You don’t need to be.

Musing on the markets

Here’s a few quick thoughts – feel free to skip if you’ve sensibly developed an intolerance for one person’s speculations:

Not (yet) all mod cons

Right, so I’m in a coffee shop. Why? Because my new flat has no Internet yet.

Yes, I’ve bought a property and moved this weekend!

Let’s discuss why, how, and whether it was a good idea in a future post. I hope to be back to normal in a fortnight or so – at least back with links by next weekend.

But for now my cup running empty. The millennials around me seem happy to occupy their tables all day with an espresso bought six hours ago, but I’m made of more self-conscious stuff.

Take care, don’t do anything silly with your investments – and look out for The Accumulator’s broker table [4] update on Tuesday!