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Weekend reading: Introducing Stock Tickle

My weekly roundup from the financial and money blogs and newspapers.

What do you do when you love writing your investing and personal finance blog but it disrupts your work, your weekends, and even your cinema nights?

You start another!

Wait: There is method in my madness. My new site, Stock Tickle [1], is a very different beast to Monevator.

There’s long been conflict at the heart of Monevator:

Things came to a head earlier this month, when I was pondering how to follow my share trades on Monevator – either my real portfolio (unlikely), or a real-money demo portfolio set up for the purpose.

I thought it might be interesting to certain readers. And yet it seemed the antithesis of the strengths of Monevator, which I’d humbly suggest are a focus on asset allocation, portfolio management, and investing for the long-term.

Also, it’s very clear from the emails I receive that a lot of new readers find the blog and take away these messages. I don’t want them getting confused by posts about selling Vodafone.

Enter Stock Tickle!

My new blog will be the outlet for all the UK market news and my trading experiences that I want to keep off Monevator.

Posts are short, and opinion is flippant.

I’ll still do some individual stock write-ups [2] here on Monevator, but I’d prefer to keep the focus on the myriad of other investing and money topics.

To sum up: Monevator is still very much about equity investing! It is the ‘noise’ that will be the focus of Stock Tickle [1].

Other Monevator news

Finally, while I’m doing site news, two more additions:

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