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Weekend reading: Cold comfort

What caught my eye this week.

Pretty much straight into the links today, as I’ve been ill most of the week with a remorseless cold. I’ve kept up with my reading, but couldn’t manage much thinking.

Well, I did spend a few feverish moments wondering if getting Covid last year had somehow impaired my immune system.

Normally I shake colds off in a couple of days. I rarely get them in the first place. This one made itself at home, returning in waves from Monday to Friday.

Perhaps I’ve forgotten what a cold – let alone flu – is like? Lockdowns, masking, handwashing, indulging my reclusive tendencies with a global pandemic at my back… for whatever reason I can’t recall going toe-to-toe with mankind’s most implacable foe since at least 2019.

The Atlantic wrote recently [1] that man flu-ism is rampant right now:

As far as experts can tell, the average severity of cold symptoms hasn’t changed.

“It’s about perception,” says Jasmine Marcelin, an infectious-disease physician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

After skipping colds for several years, “experiencing them now feels worse than usual.” 

It was also nostalgic to rip open one of my last lateral flow tests, and to wait for those lines. The pregnant pause. The relief. Misguided, almost, given how the cold I actually did have dragged on for longer than The Big One did for me, though without Covid’s awful tiredness.

Anyway, rambling. Enjoy the links, please discuss them in the comments! I’d probably have focused on inflation. It looks licked in the US.

Have a great weekend.

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Products and services

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Property mini-special

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Comment and opinion

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Naughty corner: Active antics

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Kindle book bargains

Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Monroe – £0.99 on Kindle [42]

Money: A User’s Guide by Laura Whateley – £0.99 on Kindle [43]

The Almighty Dollar by Dharshini David – £2.19 on Kindle [44]

The Nowhere Office: Reinventing Work and the Workplace by Julie Hobsbawm – £0.99 on Kindle [45]

Environmental factors

Less cars, more money: visiting the city of the future – Mr Money Mustache [46]

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Have global combustion engine sales already peaked? – Visual Capitalist [48]

“Bees are sentient”: inside the brains of nature’s hardest workers – Guardian [49]

Full-year results from UK energy storage investment trust GRID – DIY Investor [50]

Billionaire founder of Paul Mitchell invests in man-made coral reefs – CNBC [51]

Robot overlord roundup

If we don’t shut down AI development we will all die – Time [52]

First hands-free self-driving system approved for British motorways – Guardian [53]

The Bloomberg terminal just got a ChatGPT-style upgrade – Institutional Investor [54]

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An example of LLM prompting for programming [Nerdy]Martin Fowler [57]

A BabyAGI mod is close to creating own executables [Nerdy, big if true]via Twitter [58]

Off our beat

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Dave Eggers: sketches from Ukraine – The Believer [62] [h/t Abnormal Returns [63]]

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Fame – Professor Scott Galloway [65]

Stock therapy – Humble Dollar [66]

“I am 70 and so full of regret about my husband and career”Guardian [67]

And finally…

“Far from being the smartest possible biological species, we are probably better thought of as the stupidest possible biological species capable of starting a technological civilization – a niche we filled because we got there first, not because we are in any sense optimally adapted to it.”
– Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence [68]

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