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Weekend reading: A little extra work counts for a lot

What caught my eye this week.

The ‘Just One More Year’ dilemma crops up all the time around these parts, so I was interested to see academics have put some numbers on it.

According to a report in Bloomberg [1]:

A recent academic study called The Power of Working Longer, cited in the New York Times, finds that working just three to six months longer can raise your retirement income as much as increasing your savings by 1% every year for the last 30 years of your career.

Heck, that’s not even a year!

Too many people set up a false choice between working until you’re 65, and retiring at 27 to live an ultra-frugal life in a tent.

Instead work smart, tend to spend a little less, tend to save a bit more, invest the difference, and see where you’re at after a decade or so.

You might be lucky! If not, keep going.

Taste, season, and adjust the cooking time as required.

More on a working a little bit more

Here are the two sources cited by the Bloomberg piece if you’d like to read more:

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And finally…

“Why do so few investment firms educate and treat their clients in this way? ‘It’s a joke, isn’t it?’ answers Buffett, adding that fund managers and brokers ‘don’t judge their success by investment results. They judge it by how much they can gather in assets. So they don’t want the shareholders to think of themselves as owners. They want them to think of themselves as customers'”.
– Cunningham & Cuba, The Warren Buffett Shareholder [42]

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