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The best of the Wealth Pilgrim blog

A blogging friend of mine, Neal Frankle, has had some extreme technical issues with his Wealth Pilgrim [1] blog over Christmas. As a result, his posts have lost their shine in the eyes of mighty Google.

Given how hard it is to buy presents, survive Christmas ‘fare’, navigate choppy family waters, and to still keep blogging over the holiday period, even without your website falling over, my heart goes out to him.

Plus Neal is a fellow member of the Money Mavens network [2]. This means he is a keeper of one of the eight ingredients of the antidote to the poison consumed by all Mavens. If I don’t answer his call when he beams the MM logo onto the side of his nearest Wal-Mart, all my toes could shrivel up and fall off.

Bottom line – it gives me great pleasure to plug ten of Neal’s favourite posts, both for those of you fed up with Christmas TV, and to give the mighty Google a reboot up the backside.