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Site update: Commenting now enabled

Just a quick note to say I’ve caught up with 2009 and decided to enable comments across all posts on the site.

I’ve manually gone through and marked them all to allow comments, but if I’ve missed one out and you’ve got something burning to share on it, please do let me know.

I’ve also just added the ability to subscribe to a specific discussion on any post. This is useful since it means you don’t have to keep coming back to Monevator or that post to check if anyone has replied to your clever and insightful thought – you just get an email telling you they have. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to different comment threads at any time.

Moderation is set so that I have to approve your very first comment to the site. After you have left a sensible comment and not tried to sell me impotency pills or Chinese web hosting, you can comment freely without moderation (unless you become unpleasant and are blocked).

Be aware it may be up to 24 hours before I see your comment and approve it, but I will try to check at least twice daily.

I’ve delayed enabling comments up until now because:

Be aware therefore that I may/will delete commercial, nasty, flippant, or stupid comments.

If you disagree with me or another commenter in a respectful and polite fashion, that’s absolutely fine. Think English Gentleman’s Club, not the cheap seats at a boxing match.

Please don’t be shy about commenting. I know from emails that there are smart and thoughtful people reading this blog, and I probably should have bitten the bullet and enabled comments so you can all meet each other before now!

If you want to get started, there’s a good discussion taking place on the Capitalism 3.0 [1] post.

As ever thanks for visiting, normal service will now resume 🙂