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Get out of debt

Your debt makes other people rich. You’re borrowing from your future self, who will be poorer, less secure, or lead a less abundant life because you wanted something now, before you could afford it. You must get out of debt. You can’t save while you’re in debt, and it grows like a weed. Kill it! [...]


Buy something on a credit card, pay off the minimum amount per month, and you’ll actually pay for it twice. Here’s the maths.


Debt isn’t just painful because of the interest bill you pay. There’s also the long-term value of that money if you’d saved and invested it instead.


The only good debt is dead debt

The only good debt is debt you take on for investment. Unless you run your own business, that begins and ends with an affordable mortgage to buy property. Get out of debt of any other kind, as soon as you can. Pay it off! Kill it dead! Borrowing to invest in shares is too risky. [...]