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Announcement: Monevator makeover

Hello! Just a quick note to say that after several months of fiddling, faffing, and scouring the thesaurus for other alliterative synonyms for fannying-about-in-frustration, we’ve finally put our new version of Monevator live.

We believe we’ve caught most of the bugs, but would appreciate it if you could report any you see in the comments below.

Now I know what you’re thinking: What new website? It looks just the same!

Well, leaving aside website caching issues – a fun feature of the Internet that means it can be hard to tell when your changes go live – the redesign actually aims to look pretty much the same as the old Monevator we know and love tolerate.

The main tweaks:

Now, updating a ten-year old website that is held together in places with gaffer tape is never a foolproof process, and as I say we had to deal with a few hurdles along the way.

Here’s what I think we’re left with:

If you spot any other bugs, please let us know below.

Spare any change, guv?

Of course changing the site design has messed up the look-and-feel of some of the older articles. That’s not really a bug, more a symptom of progress.

Your gran doesn’t look her very best these days, but you still love her, right?

Over time I’ll try to fix the most egregious design disruptions in the archives. But to be honest I’ve got so much updating of real information to do, that it’s not a top priority. So unless you see something really broken looking, that’s probably not a bug to report. More a bugbear.

Finally, what didn’t we change?

The biggest is we experimented with sophisticated commenting options where you could log-in via Facebook or Twitter, or where you could reply to a specific comment, say. They all had drawbacks, so in the end we’ve stuck with what has worked for a decade.

Also we need to update the logo and perhaps the old Monevator armchair. (Can’t decide.)

Anyway, please let me know if you find anything is not working. Otherwise, set your stopwatches for 2026 when we’ll do it all again!