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Weekend reading: Investor, know thyself

What caught my eye this week.

Investors can be overwhelmed by 2018 forecasts in the first week of January. Those with long memories might ponder how much use such punditry was in 2017. Or in any of the years before that.

As an alternative to trying to guess the future – or to making your future self into a better you, via a raft of resolutions – how about getting to know who you really are now?

Most people tend to think they know themselves best. And the sort of personality types that are drawn to investing and financial freedom – INTJs, in the lingo discussed by My Deliberate Life in the links below – often feel those who are different are not different but wrong.

In reality, we’re all driven by different impulses, for good as well as ill. Those motivations can be a mystery to ourselves.

Which is all a long-winded way of introducing a cute quiz from Schroders called InvestIQ [1]:


My results from the quiz reminded me that I am an individual thinker who does deep research – and also that I’m a natural pessimist. It also claimed I’m much more anxious about investing than the average person.

I was surprised by this last point.

My first thought was anxiety is an edge as (for my sins [2]) an active investor!

My second thought was no wonder my stock picking adventures have become increasingly stress-inducing over the past few years.

Something to ponder in the weeks ahead, anyway.

Take the test [1] and see how you fare.

Happy new year!

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And finally…

“A mighty bubble of wealth is blown before our eyes, as empty, as transient, as contradictory to the laws of solid material, as confuted by every circumstance of actual condition, as any other bubble which man or child ever blew before.”
– Edward Chancellor, Devil Take the Hindmost [39]

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