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Weekend reading: Fees never falter

What caught my eye this week.

The cheque has been in the mail for several years now. But in his latest annual letter, Warren Buffett officially declared victory in his $1 million bet that an S&P 500 tracker fund would beat a bevvy of hedge funds over 10 years.

Not that the fund managers will mind – they’ve mostly gotten rich over the decade, too.

As Buffett notes [1]:

Both the fund-of-funds managers and the hedge-fund managers they selected significantly shared in gains, even those achieved simply because the market generally moves upwards. (In 100% of the 43 ten-year periods since we took control of Berkshire, years with gains by the S&P 500 exceeded loss years.)

Those performance incentives, it should be emphasized, were frosting on a huge and tasty cake: Even if the funds lost money for their investors during the decade, their managers could grow very rich.

That would occur because fixed fees averaging a staggering 2.5% of assets or so were paid every year by the fund-of-funds’ investors, with part of these fees going to the managers at the five funds-of-funds and the balance going to the 200-plus managers of the underlying hedge funds.

Buffett concludes with a pithy new saying we could hang on the wall:

Performance comes, performance goes. Fees never falter.


p.s. For an alternative take that I don’t quite agree with but that makes some interesting points, see this note by Albert Bridge Capital [2].

p.p.s. Unrelated, my thoughts on Theresa May’s vacuous ‘big Brexit speech’ – Twitter [3].

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And finally…

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No gleam of sun
Still the white snow
Whirls softly down”
– Walter de La Mare, Snow [36]

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