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Weekend reading: A journey to financial freedom from the shop floor

What caught my eye this week.

How much does your upbringing affect your attitudes towards money?

Quite a bit, says new-ish UK money blogger Little Miss Fire, who has what she calls [1] the Shop Floor Mentality.

She defines this as:

… looking at your money in terms of having it where you can see it. i.e in the till (or rather in the bank).

You set your budgets and strive to stick to them no matter what, such as buying food day to day or week to week just so you don’t go over budget. It’s seeing money in the here and now and not planning for the future.

I suppose it could be described as a a step up from poverty but whilst still having a poverty mindset.

It’s well worth reading the insightful post [1] in full. It offers a perspective seldom heard in the financial blogosphere.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Little Miss Fire’s journey proceeds – both as a blogger and a financial independence seeker!

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And finally…

“The grim irony of investing, then, is that we investors as a group not only don’t get what we pay for, we get precisely what we don’t pay for. So if we pay for nothing, we get everything.”
– John C. Bogle, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing [42]

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